About me

The things you really need to know! 

Hi! I’m Kelli Marie. I’m a young woman from Florida (USA) who’s extremely passionate about wildlife, travel, and fitness! I started working with big cats  in captivity at 18 years old. I fell in love with these gorgeous creatures (and with teaching people about them) after I raised a young lioness. I vowed to myself that I would spend the rest of my life advocating for wildlife and for the health of the planet they live on. Later on I went all the way to South Africa and became a certified Field Guide in order to gain a better understanding of conservation and further my career in that field. 

Now I want to use my knowledge to impact and encourage others. I want to empower every person who visits this site to make a positive impact for wildlife and the environment, to follow their own dreams, and to be the best version of themselves. I am here on this planet to raise awareness for wildlife and serve the people who are interested in learning more about wildlife, photography, and travel.

What is this website about? What will it consist of?

This website is going to hold all things dear to me.

Firstly, wildlife and wildlife photography. This is my specialty and it’s what brings my heart the most joy. I’ll be writing educational blogs about wildlife conservation and wildlife photography while posting my own personal photography. My hope in this is to inspire my readers to find a similar passion for the animals they’re seeing and learning about. Knowledge is power, and it’s the first step towards wildlife conservation. 

Travel! I love traveling and it’s an important part of my journey in conservation! I’ll be posting reviews of places I visit, travel photos, travel tips to make your life easier, and encouraging/informative blogs. I know that taking a leap of faith and traveling can be nerve-wracking for some aspiring adventurers and I hope to help my readers reach the courage they need to take that leap!

Lifestyle… this is a new department for me to talk about! This will consist of all the other aspects of my life. Examples: fitness, gluten free diets, beauty, product reviews, etc. If you’re not interested in these departments, fear not! They’re on a separate tab on this website and if all you care about is wildlife and travel, it’s easy to avoid this page! However, for the people who do want more insight into my fitness routines, products I use, gluten free tips, and more personal posts, it will now be available for you!

My goals for this website are…

  • for my photos to spark a passion in the viewers mind for the animals and places that they see
  • for my blogs to provide helpful information or encouragement that benefits my readers
  • to show every person who comes across it that making a change and reaching their goals is entirely possible


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