Professional Qualifications and Experience


NJMORE Field Guiding College, South Africa

I spent 6 months living in the bush in South Africa. During this time I attended NJMore Field Guiding College to learn how to be a qualified field guide and expand my knowledge on conservation. I am now qualified to take guests into the bush and give safaris both on foot (back-up guide) and in a vehicle. Here are the technical certifications I acquired during this course:


  • FGASA Trails Guide Back-up

  • FGASA Level 1

  • Track and Sign Level 1 (Colin Patrick)

  • Advanced Rifle Handling + SASSETA Firearm (Rifle) Proficiency  

  • Wilderness First Aid (Level 1+2) 

  • Basic Mechanics

  • Basic Snake Handling

  • Wilderness Photography

  • Blog Writing Short Course



Zookeeping Experience


Animal caretaker and tour guide at Single Vision in Florida. Assisted in raising multiple big cats and everyday facility cleaning and educational tours. Main species worked with include lions, tigers, servals, caracals, lynx, kinkajous, and ring-tailed lemurs.

Carnivore zookeeper at Carson Springs in Florida. Assisted in nursing a sick baby lemur from birth along with other day-to-day zoo cleaning, educational events such as a kids safari camp, and educational tours. Species I worked with included cheetahs, ring-tailed and red ruffed lemurs, Asian fishing cats, an amur leopard, and bat eared foxes.


Southern African Wildlife College, South Africa

In 2016 I went abroad to South Africa’s Southern African Wildlife College. I spent one month on the outskirts of Kruger National Park taking the following course along with conservation courses hosted by the Wildlife College: 

  • Biology and Human Values




Wildlife Campus Courses..

Game Lodge Management

Predator Management on Livestock Farms